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Vegan Bites by Jas Cookbook

Vegan Bites by Jas Cookbook


Fueled in 2018,  Jasmine took matters into her own hands - and began to shift the way she looked at food, strengthening her health. She began to get into vegan options and took some of her favorite dishes and made them into vegan dishes without sacrificing taste; surprising everyone she shared her dishes with! Dig Into her first release - and see how you can begin to change your life, by starting with changing what you eat!


  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: The best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies you'll ever taste!
  • Vegan French Toast Savory and Sweet - this breakfast bite is delivered in just 9 minutes? Check out Jas’s vegan take on French Toast!
  • Lasagna + Garlic Bread Sharing  with you some of her favorite meat substitutes and lasagna fillers in her Lasagna/Garlic bread!
  • Mushrooms + Cornbread Literally EVERYONE’S Favorite!! Serving up the tastiest oyster mushroom and cornbread combo your body as ever encountered. A few more steps than the other recipes - but well worth the wait!!
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