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Why Vegan?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

In January 2018, I was looking for ways to start out the year healthier and came across something that changed my life! Inspired to create a healthier lifestyle, I explored the documentary, “What the Health” that uncovered secrets that could prevent the chronic diseases that continue to plague

So many people that I care about. Based on interviews fr

om top medical doctors, researchers, and consumer advocates, I became aware of the adverse biological, cyclical, and financial impact that unhealthy eating has had on generations – and I could not go back.

Additional research revealed that African Americans are at higher risks for many diseases that arise from unhealthy eating. As a result, African Americans are at a higher risk for death rates . . . and I don’t want to die. Accord- ing to the CDC, “over 40% of black men over [the age of] 20 have hyper- tension and 44% of Black women. Two of the three leading causes of death in this community are strokes and heart disease. Armed with this transformational information, I decided to abandon unhealthy eating practices and adopt a vegan lifestyle.

So Why Vegan?

Becoming vegan isn’t as hard as most people think. It also can be filling and delicious. One thing I said before I truly went vegan was that if I go vegan, I must be able to enjoy what I am eating. I have learned to recreate so many meals that I loved when I was not vegan, I am not a salad type of girl ha-ha!

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