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About Our Business

Who We Are

At Vegan bites by Jas, We work hard to empower our customers to live the long, healthy, and fulfilled life that they desire by walking along side of them and by teaching and developing the skills within to obtain the healthy life they desire. At Vegan bites by Jas we want to be what our customers are to everyone else. We want to help our customers achieve the healthy lifestyle that will keep them around so that they can continue investing in the lives of others.


We are educating and empowering health curious individuals through healthy lifestyle coaching, providing plant-based food options, and hosting educational &  culinary experiences!  We exist to make comfort food healthy & delicious! Everyday we are striving to impact people's lives, by changing what they Think & Eat !

About Us

Making Comfort Food Healthy & Delicious

Fueled in 2018, Jasmine began looking for ways to eat and live healthier in a toxic-driven society. Inspired by health documentaries, she uncovered that a change in food could aid in preventing chronic diseases that she’d seen plague so many people that she cared about; thus changing the landscape of what once felt like an immovable mountain of adverse biological challenges and cyclical diseases that have numerous negative impacts.


Her research led her to a deeper discovery of higher risk factors of those diseases - deriving from something as simple as unhealthy eating habits. Disinterested in contributing to the statistics of higher risks for African Americans, Jasmine took matters into her own hands - and began to shift the way she looked at food, strengthening her health. She began to get into vegan options and took some of her favorite dishes and made them into vegan dishes without sacrificing taste; surprising everyone she shared her dishes with!


Now she offers a variety of services such as vegan lifestyle coaching, event and in home cooking demonstrations , and private chef/catering services, and many other health-focused services! Come and see how you can begin to change your life, by starting with changing what you eat!

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